DIY Food Ordering App, Selfood Officially Launches


DIY food ordering app, Selfood started their official service on the November 1st; 10 months since their beta launch.

Selfood used 1,000 user feedback received during the beta service period and applied it in the development of their service. They are also in the process of working with 450 affiliated restaurants.

Selfood allows users to create DIY food by combining the ingredients of the restaurants in the app, and to order by delivery, pickup or reservation. In addition, users can share their food by registering it on the food-only section in the app. If users share their made food on the food-only section and receive ‘Likes’, users can receive points to spend it as cash when ordering food.

Ki Dong Kim (CEO of Kdiden) said, “Selfood aims to pioneer and popularize a new market called DIY food service. We will create a service that reflects the needs of both users and restaurants as much as possible, while building networks and infrastructure.”



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