ReWhite Launches “ReWhite Place”


A dry cleaning network, ReWhite (CEO Hyun Woo Kim) has officially launched “ReWhite Place” brand. ReWhite Place is a service that allows users to receive laundry service from  residential facilities, cafes, convenience stores, and satellite receptions.

The main users of ReWhite Place are customers who are unable to drop off their laundry during the business hours or for those who are unable to receive laundry delivery to their homes. At the same time as launching the brand, ReWhite Place will open offline stores in Yongsan, and start their service in franchise cafes.

ReWhite has already started laundry service in convenience stores with cooperation with GS25. The service is currently available in Paju and Gimpo, and will be extended to Gangnam, Seoul.

Hyun Woo Kim (CEO of ReWhite) said, “We are very pleased with ReWhite Place partnership because it has the characteristic of ‘return visit’.” Kim added, “We hope to overcome existing business hours and set locations of dry cleaners and to provide high-quality laundry service in everyday places.”





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