Traveling Alone? SerenTrip Matches You with a Travel Buddy


Likecrazy Inc. announced that over 7 million matches have been made on its travel buddy app SerenTrip.

Launched in June 2016, SerenTrip is a mobile app that matches travelers based on the planned route, dates, and travel style. SerenTrip mainly focused on matching South Korean users traveling abroad last year. The app implemented a new feature that connects travelers with local users this year.  

SerenTrip became available in 16 languages and expanded from 500 cities to 7,000 cities early this year. South Korean ‘locals’ have been matched with foreign travelers visiting the country and South Korean travelers with locals in countries across the globe. The app creates a platform for cultural exchange.

Also, Likecrazy is now in search of ‘local’ SerenTrip users in Europe in preparation for the winter peak season.

Image source: Platum

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