Coffee Meets Bagel introduces 8-second ephemeral video feature


Coffee Meets Bagel is one of the most popular U.S-based dating app co-founded by three Kang sisters. Born and raised in Seoul and educated in the United States from high school onward, the Kang sisters run one of the most viral online dating companies of recent years. Based in San Francisco, Coffee Meets Bagel (“CMB”) has recently added an 8-second video recording function to its apps to ensure the authenticity of online dating. This function is described as follows. First, CMB apps ask users a single question every day. For example, “Did you kiss on your first date?” The desired users (called “bagels”) can record an eight-second video to answer this question. The recorded video can be retrieved by other users (called “coffee”). When coffee is appealed to the video, and the bagel wants to meet the coffee, they are connected. Recorded videos disappear after a day like Snapchat.

There are a lot of dating apps, but one of the biggest problem is that you can’t trust them until you meet them. Since photos of others may have been manipulated, the person checking out the app can be completely disappointed when he sees his match in person. This, in turn, leads to a decline in the credibility of the dating app. To solve these problems, CMB showed an 8-second video recording without any filtering process to show its image as it is.

Living in a world of prevalent fake online content, CMB seems to be a solution that adds authenticity and fun. While recording a video can be a burden to some users who instinctively do not want the video to stay in the web, CMB seems to limit the length of the video to 8 seconds, and the previous video to disappear when the question is changed.


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