Dongtan Center for Harmonious Development Holds “ICT Makerthon”


Dongtan Center for Harmonious Development of Hwaseong City held “ICT Makerthon” from November 11th to 12th.

This event was aimed at developing ICT(Information and Communications Technology) products that solve the inconveniences in life creatively. The participants generated ideas and turned them into products through competition.

The event was exclusively for middle and high school students and recruited 15 teams of 80 students. The participants developed various IoT prototypes that would solve urban problems for two days.

During the event, Dongtan Central for Harmonious Development provided training on how to make the fun out of solving missions. It also organized a team made up of technical experts to actively support participants to develop and complete prototypes.

At the end, six teams were selected to receive the prize of “Chief Engineer” and a cash prize.

First in Korea to be established through the cooperation of central government, local governments and local educational autonomous bodies, Dongtan Central for Harmonious Development has been actively promoting ICT specialized facility ‘Mai Lab‘ for elementary, middle and high school students in Hwaseong city.






Image source: Newswire


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