K Cube Ventures Invests $1M in BAUM


Baum (CEO: Andrew Ladd), a semiconductor power analytics solution corporation, recently raised $1 million from K Cube Ventures (Co-CEOs: SW Yu, Andy Shin), rounding off its series A funding.

Baum’s groundbreaking technology ‘PowerBaum’ is designed to fully optimize energy efficiency by abstracting core signals from the electric power and applying them to the self-analyzing tool. With growing IoT (Internet of Things) and mobile devices industry, power and thermal consumption issues have become critical factors in developing competitive technologies in the market.

Established in January 2016, Baum is led by a group of experienced professionals, including Andrew Ladd, who has carried out M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) for Carbon, Speedsim and other semiconductor industries, Professor Youngsoo Shin from Kwangwoon University, and General Manager Joonhwan Lee. The company has been acknowledged earlier for its cooperative work with Above, Telechips and other distinguished large corporations in developing technologies in the industry.

“With the recent investment from K Cube Ventures, we plan to expand the scope of our business activities from product development to strategic marketing, as well as our target market,” Baum’s General Manager Lee said. “We will continue to strive to lead the low power designs market both at home and abroad.”

K Cube Ventures Partner Kijoon Kim also commented: “The EDA (Electronic Design Automation) market currently lacks an innovative technology that can estimate power consumption and reflect on applicable designs,” Kim said. “We look forward to further working with global corporations that are in need of  Baum’s patented technology and creating synergy with our partners.”


Image Source: Baum

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