Heechan Go Launches its Wedding Platform

Heechan Go

On the 15th, Heechan Go announced the launch of its “Heechan Go” service, a O2O wedding platform that links customers with offline wedding companies and provides a virtual reality experience. Furthermore, the service will supply free marriage information for married parties and discounts for customers (when they purchase goods or services of Heechan Go’s member wedding companies).

Heechan Go provides a community space where customers can exchange various information related to weddings, including wedding space for wedding parties, ceremonial suits, studio photographs, home appliances, furniture, quilts, bowls, and gifts. It also cheapens the process by facilitating direct transactions between customers and companies.

In preparing its service, Heechan Go has prioritized its members’ privacy and information security, and it has registered five domestic and foreign trademarks and several patents (including two BM patents).

Heechan Go commented, “Through our dating and wedding platform service, we will provide better benefits to our customers and reduce wedding costs.”

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