Dogmate: Finding Your Ideal Pet Sitter


Pet sitter finder Dogmate recently raised $500K from GS Home Shopping, Strong Ventures and Primer. Since its investment from D.CAMP in its earlier days, Dogmate has raised a total of $700K to date and continues to expand its services today.

Launched in 2015, Dogmate helps dog owners find reliable pet sitters. You can drop off your pet at the sitter’s house, or have the sitter come to yours. Once your pet is with the sitter, you receive constant updates of your pet through pictures, videos and messages on your phone. Dogmate ensures the safety of your pet by insuring any and all costs associated with a potential accident or hospitalization.

As the number of pets in Korea increase and the advocacies for a healthier pet-human culture strengthen, the industry for pets show great room for growth.

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