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There is no such thing as the “easy job.” One’s current job may feel like the most difficult job ever. Tasks stack up all the time. Because work intensity is relative, even tasks that seem really simple can take a lot of workforce and time.

Restaurant reservation for team dinner is a prime example as it may seem to be an easy thing to do. However, one needs to consider a number of others’ taste and preferences, while keeping the price within the budget. The place should also fit the team’s mood and culture. There are actually a lot of factors to consider when choosing a right restaurant for team dinner. There is a service for this.

Tinggo provides a restaurant reservation service. Within the application, users can browse a list of restaurants, check the price range and availability. The hassle for multiple phone calls or internet search is now replaced by the mobile app. Han Sang-kwon, CEO of the company that manages the application Tingo, B-type, stated, “We will make reservations convenient for users and help restaurants secure more customers by preventing the no-show.” The detailed story of Tingo can be seen in this week’s LeeYalBaek episode.


Link to the LeeYalBaek episode

Image Credit: Tinggo

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