Kmong Exceeds $100K and to Soon Reach $30 million


Kmong surpassed $100K transactions a day, with November’s total transaction volume to exceed $2M.

Founded in 2012, Kmong is an open market for intangible services. Kmong has been active in design, programming, content creation, service and also ranked number 1 on a B2B (Business 2 Business) intermediary site. Also, in August of this year, Kmong opened the lesson category and expanded the C2C (Customer 2 Customer) area.

Hyun Ho Park (CEO of Kmong) said, “We have improved user accessibility by moving to the mobile site. We will continue to carry out various projects to improve user inconvenience and hope to receive positive market response. ”

Meanwhile, Kmong surpassed $20 million transactions in July this year, showing an increase of $10 million in eight months and a further $7 million in just four months. It is currently in the spotlight that it will exceed $30 million.





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