HomeSaeng Attracts an Additional 1.85 Million Dollars In Investments… Reaches 5.08 Million Dollars


HomeSaeng of home service app Daeri Jubu has attracted an additional investment of 1.85 million dollars, and investing companies include Korea Investment Partners, KDB Capital, and 2 others. In total, HomeSaeng has received 5.08 million dollars in investments, including the 3.23 million dollars in investments from KDB Capital and Neoplux earlier in 2015.

Daeri Jubu provides aid with various home services including housekeeping, cooking, cleaning, packing, and babysitting. Unlike other home service apps, Daeri Jubu provides conditions, ratings, and prices beforehand and enables customers to compare with other services before deciding. The app has gained widespread attentions for its customized service and understanding of the needs of household services.

An investor commented,“Approximately 9,000 home service providers have been active in the first half of 2017, and the platform has an ideal business structure that adopts a reverse auction method to enhance customer satisfaction with the suppliers of the service. Additionally, the number of platform members and the amount of monthly transactions have been superior to those of other companies.”

HomeSaeng CEO Junghoon Lee stated that Daeri Jubu’s business management philosophy is to “contribute to the national economy by providing jobs to the middle-aged population and helping the advancement of society by relieving the burden of housekeeping.” Through these investments, HomeSaeng plans to  set up a DT (Data Technology) base that will not only enhance the policy and system for optimal matching between consumers and suppliers but also help the AI ​​speaker find the desired work.

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