Pangyo Gyeonggi Culture Creation Hub Seeks Participants for its Start-up Global Market Support Program G-START: E


Pangyo Gyeonggi Culture Creation Hub, operated by Gyeonggi Provincial Promotion Agency (CEO Chang-hee Oh), is recruiting participants for its start-up support program ‘G-START: E.’

‘G-START’ is a start-up support program comprised of 5 steps, A through E, based on the maturity of the startups. It takes account a start-up’s business life cycle and provides targeted advisory support for each company. The service is provided at 4 cluster centers located in Bucheon, Pangyo, Gwanggyo and North Gyeonggi. The G-START program by the Pangyo cluster center offers the five tailored, systematic services as follows: A — basic capacities, B — practical capacities, C — initial investments, D — funding support, and E — overseas expansion.

G-START: E focuses on finding promising start-ups and providing them with targeted support for overseas expansion. The Pangyo cluster center aims to offer basic business education, consulting, and overseas business meetings with experts. The center also plans on offering additional support including overseas office spaces and capital required for global expansion.

The Pangyo cluster is seeking 12 companies in the ICT-based culture contents field that are within 7 years of establishment, and are based in (or planning on moving to) Gyeonggi province. Any startup company with promising products and services for overseas market can apply.

Pangyo Gyeonggi Culture Creation Hub will analyze the 12 selected companies and select matching countries such as China, Vietnam and Indonesia accordingly. It will provide customized education and mentoring for each country. Additionally, the center will arrange meetings with venture capitals and buyers that are related to each country for each of the 12 companies. Among the 12, the center will choose the most promising companies and provide overseas office spaces and the overseas expansion capital worth KRW 20 million.

An official from the Gyeonggi Provincial Development Agency stated, “We have planned this program to help start-ups with high overseas potential in the long term.” He added, “By utilizing various infrastructures we have, we will continue to support successful overseas expansions of Gyeonggi based start-ups.”

Pangyo Gyeonggi Culture Creation Hub was established in 2014. Since its establishment, the organization has initialized 510 businesses, created 1,387 jobs, and won 42 investments worth KRW 280.19 Billion.
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