Chatbot-based Consulting Solution ‘SINICOMPANY(Divine Workplace)’ Wins the Last D.Day of 2017


November’s D.DAY event took place at D.Camp multipurpose hall on November 30th. SINICOMPANY, which developed a Chatbot-based consulting solution, won this month’s event.

Over 200 participants including aspiring startup founders, founders, investors, and students attended the last D.DAY event of the year. The list of judges and mentors who participated in this event includes Song EunKang from Capstone Partners, Bae KiHong from Strong Ventures, Jeon TaeYeon from BornAngelsVenture Partners, Sohn HoJoon from Stone Bridge Capital, and Oh MoonSeok from Altos Ventures.

The winning team SINICOMPANY(Divine Workplace) developed an effective chatbot-based consulting solution ‘CLOSER.’ CLOSER allows people who are not necessarily familiar with IT to create chatbots easily and quickly by delivering automated  emotional CS(Client Satisfy) work.

In addition to SINICOMPANY, Alice Wonder Lab (virtual travel first person-perspective video map), Coin Manager (virtual currency investment information solution), H Prime (small business agency distribution service), and Cashmallow (pre-paid travel money exchange service) participated in November’s event.

SINICOMPANY CEO Noh SeungTae stated, “I cannot believe that we won the D.Day. The company has grown receiving a lot of support from D.Camp through early childhood programs.” He added, “In the future, we will improve Closer to become a core business channel.”

Held by D.Camp, D.Day is the only monthly Demo Day in Korea. The event has been held on the last Thursday of each month since June 2013, and has provided more than 200 start-ups with office spaces and investment opportunities.


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