Sixth Intercollegiate Hackathon UNITHON to Launch in January 2018


The intercollegiate hackathon UNITHON will take place from January 26 to 28 at the Seoul Startup Hub.

UNITHON, short for UNIversity and hackaTHON, is a hackathon hosted and managed by college students. Intercollegiate IT clubs NEXTERS, YAPP, and UNIT co-host UNITHON, providing a learning opportunity and challenge to college students interested in the IT industry.

UNITHON is a semi-annual event that first started in August 2015, shaping ideas from around 600 cumulative participants. This event marks the 6th event.

The aim of the event is to provide a joyful and liberal experience, and at the same time ensuring top notch product deliverables.

In past events, various apps including PinMinder, Image Recorder, and TicSong have been launched. Among them, PinMinder won the 2015 Seoul App Contest. Furthermore, Maeil Jang, the winner of the special award in the 4th UNITHON has successfully commercialized its app and successfully secured investment.

The pre-event networking day, which is open to the public, will take place on Friday, January 19 at Hanyang University. Various sponsors including Naver, the FinTech Technology Support Center (핀테크 기술지원센터), and the National Agricultural Cooperative Foundation (농협) are preparing informative education sessions for college students.

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