28-Day Fresh Beauty Delivered to Your Door


Subscription skincare brand, Toun28, recently raised Pre-Series A funding (amount undisclosed) from Amorepacific Ventures. and FuturePlay.

Toun28 is Amorepacific Ventures’ first investment in a skincare brand. While the VC has previously invested in beauty device/technology companies, it has recognized Toun28 for its differentiated brand attractiveness in the industry.

Toun28 delivers organic skincare products to subscribed members on the 28th day of each month (“28-day freshness”). Once signed up, a Toun28 members visits the consumer in person for a careful discussion and examination of one’s skin conditions. The company then uses big data to formulate a fresh, customized skincare product for the individual.

Toun28 has attracted more than 10,000 users within its first year of business, with a retention rate of 28.3%. This rate is significantly higher than an average cosmetics brand’s repurchase rate for a single product (3%).

CEO Joon Soo Park notes that Toun28 is “a slow beauty brand that values fresh, healthy change in skin conditions” and seeks to “become a global, big-data beauty brand.”

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