A Smart Drones Startup ‘ANGELSWING’ Wins ‘First Penguin Fund’

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ANGELSWING, a social venture startup that uses smart drones to provide geographical data, received ‘First Penguin Fund’ from Korean Credit Guarantee Fund (KODIT). ‘First Penguin Fund’ is given to startups under three years old, with high growth potentials with its creative and profound technology. KODIT provides selected startups not only with funds up to 3 billion KRW but also with many other supports including financial investments, insurance and consulting.

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KODIT highly regarded ANGELSWING’s advanced data processing and management technology, which could benefit developing countries. For example, ANGELSWING has participated in several community service projects for nonprofit organizations and local governments. In April, 2015, after the massive earthquake in Nepal, ANGELSWING participated in disaster relief efforts by taking pictures of damaged village and transforming collected data into a map, which was used to estimate the damage and plan for reconstructions.

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Today, ANGELSWING provides its service to Korean Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) for sampling the plant community in the North Pole. Also, ANGELSWING has begun the World Slum Mapping Project, for which it creates a detailed 3D map that could be used to predict potential dangers in slums. ANGELSWING began its project at various slums in Seoul, Korea, such as Samsung-dong, Dongja-dong,and Gaepo-dong.

Co-founder of ANGELSWING, Park Won-Nyong stated his excitement that ANGELSWING will be able to start another revolution in the drone industry with the ‘First Penguin Fund’.

ANGELSWING is currently preparing for an International Development Project in Vietnam and Nepal through Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)’s Creative Technology Solution (CTS) Program.


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