Musicanote Launches Online Annotation Services



Music media startup Musicanote launched its online music annotations services on the 26th.

Musicanote’s online music annotations service is a platform to organize any text, video, or image attached to a certain part on the score of music, and to search these attachments on the web.

Performers can attach information such as interpretations, performance methods, and techniques to their scores. Researchers and musicologists may record any characteristics of the music, meanings, or origins.

Musicanote provides a space in which worthwhile music-related information can be shared, recorded, and passed on, and assists in these records’ being searchable and shareable.

Industry personnel such as performers and musicologists will have better methods to record and manage their work online, while music students and dabblers can look at said personnel’s notes and gain in-depth music knowledge.

Musicanote CEO Jae Hyun Song commented that “The online annotation service specifically complements established search portals’ lack of information related to classical music”, and that “users will be able to have access to information not readily available in books and sheet music, exchange opinions with experts, and view notes by respected performers.”

Musicanote plans on optimizing the search portal so that the annotations and their respective places in music can be searched through a melody or a keyword, and use the analyses from annotation data and music to develop AI functionalities.

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