‘idUS’ Opens a Handmade Craft Store in Insadong Ssamjigil


Backpackr, a startup that operates the handmade crafts market service idUS, opened a handmade specialty store in Insadong’s Ssamjigil.

Backpackr signed an MOU(memorandum of understanding) with IGIS Asset Management in an attempt to participate in the Seoul City Handicraft Street Project last year, and opened its first offline idUS store of Insadong Ssamjilgil.

The offline idUS store will showcase a variety of unique artwork. It will start by selling over 500 handcrafted pieces  by about 60 artists, including  small leather goods, soap, perfume, accessories, stationery, art toys and ceramics.

Backpackr CEO Kim Dong-hwan stated that “the opening of idUS’s 1st store on Ssamjigil is meaningful in many ways. It serves as a medium to introduce Korea’s excellent handmade products to foreign tourists.” He added, “In addition to K-pop, K-drama and K-fashion, K-Crafts will soon become a trusted quality brand.

Meanwhile, idUS currently sells on the web over 55,000 pieces of artwork made by approximately 3,000 artists who specialize in handicraft and artisanal food. Main products include accessories, crafted leather, ceramics, natural soap, and artisanal food. Last year, about 100,000 items were sold each month on average.

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