Luxi, a Ride-Sharing App of 4 Million Uses, Prides Being Accident and Crime Free


On January 3, Korea Startup Forum held an info session on shared economy-based traffic service users at the Press Center. The purpose of the session was to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of the existing public transportation service and newly-formed transportation services.

According to its survey, users found ride sharing services to have lower costs, faster matches without ride refusals, cleaner cars, and friendlier drivers compared to taxi services. However, users found several factors of ride sharing services to be more worrisome, including the lack of information on the pre-verification of drivers, legality of ride-sharing, and compensation if an accident were to occur.

In response to such concerns, CEO Bada Choi of Luxi, a Korean ride sharing service, commented, “Luxi is a 100% legitimate and safe commuter carpool service that is legal for use during commute times based on Article 81, Paragraph 1 of the Passenger Transportation Business Act. There has never been a major crime or accident with any of our 4 million uses so far.” Furthermore, the company expressed that they would appease their customers’ worries by implementing various solutions. For example, driver background verification would be done by checking for detailed work information such as certificates of employment, adding a smart matching feature that focuses on the driver and passenger’s home and work information for an efficient commute route, and enacting a safer insurance policy for accidents.  

Mr. Choi believes that their service can complement the existing public transportation system that cannot cope with the excess public demand during commuting hours. As a legitimate service, Luxi plans to operate in a direction that can coexist with existing public transportation operators.


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