GOODGUN launches Will Bank, personal goal tracking service


On December 27th, 2017, GOODGUN launched “Will Bank,” a mobile application that can help make your resolutions come true.

GOODGUN first proposed the app idea at K-Global Starthon and won the grand prize, given by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. GOODGUN then spent three more months to turn the idea into the product, named Will Bank.

How is Will Bank different from other goal management apps? Will Bank incentivizes users to achieve their goals through the concept of deposits.. When users set their goals and terms, they also set the amount of money they wish to deposit. They will get their money back once they post pictures and prove their accomplishments for over 80 percent of the term they set in the beginning. Even if users fail to achieve their goal, they could get another chance to get a refund. However, if they give up in the middle or do not retry, 10 percent of the deposit will be taken away.

Furthermore, Will Bank will be enhanced in February to provide an online community where users can share pictures and progress with other users with similar goals. A 1:1 coaching system will also be implemented so that users can seek guidance from experts through online chat.

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Hong Joon is a student at Johns Hopkins University, where he studies Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering. He writes with Tech for Korea because he wants to spread the word about accomplishments in Korea. Hong Joon can be reached at



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