Kakao Mobility Invests $660 Thousand In Easi6, a Mobility Start-up


Kakao Mobility is investing in a limousine service geared towards tourists visiting Korea. On the 10th, CEO Joohwan Jung announced Kakao Mobility’s investment of approximately $660 thousand in Easi6, a mobility start-up. Easi6’s has been providing limousine services in cooperation with local rental companies in Shenzhen and Hong Kong since 2013, and its teams consists of Seoul National University graduates, including CEO Kyungsik Woo (Electrical and Information Engineering).

Easi6 strives to provide limousine booking services through the business to business to consumer (B2B2C) model, connecting consumers in Korea, China, and Southeast Asia to rental car companies. Users in China and Southeast Asia may easily rent cars in Korea using their domestic travel service apps.

Easi6 plans on launching its service in line with the Pyeongchang Olympic Games and will be providing limousine and taxi reservation services through Go Pyunchang, the app majority of tourists will likely be using. After the games, Easi6 plans to build strong partnerships with Chinese and Southeast Asian travel services and domestic car rental companies.

CEO Joohwan Jung commented, “Grounded by long-term teamwork and a deep understanding of the industry, Easi6’s capabilities are exceptional. Together, Kakao Mobility is preparing to innovate in various mobility areas in addition to our ongoing services in taxis, substitute driving and parking.

We look forward to the synergy created by Kakao Mobility and Easi6, and our goal is to eventually expand into a global service,” stated Kyungsik Woo, CEO of Easi6.

Kakao Mobility is in talks for partnerships with large corporations, such as Volkswagen and Japan Taxi.


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