ST Unitas Launches “Stella”, an Educational AI Service


ST Unitas, a South Korean Edu-tech enterprise, attempts to be at the forefront of paradigm shift in the Education industry by incorporating Artificial Intelligence(AI) into its educational services.

On January 11th, ST Unitas announced that it will be introducing Stella, an educational service that utilizes AI to improve students’ individual weaknesses and predict questions for various standardized exams, such as TOEIC and government official exams. With the newly introduced Stella, the company plans to strengthen its leadership position in the Edu-Tech market following its successful development of scientific studying methods using big-data analysis of past successful exam takers.

Stella provides AI services in two distinct categories.

One is “Weakness Improvement” service, which analyzes the user’s level of understanding and the types of exam problems the user frequently misses. The second, “Examination Prediction” service, predicts problems that would appear on the upcoming standardized exams. ST Unitas aims to gradually expand the usage of these services into other fields of study after a trial period of implementing these services in institutions in which government official exam and English standardized tests are being conducted for.

Stella uses deep-learning algorithms to study and analyze loads of previous exams. Currently, the “Weakness Improvement” service of Stella has capabilities based on running the Big Data of 300,000 past students’ history of learning and taking examinations, and 60,000 former questions on the standardized exams. It has also autonomously studied the trends of exam questions and its type. Additionally, it constructs a Bayesian Network that analyzes individual user’s study pattern and provides optimal algorithms for each and every individual user.

ST Unitas anticipates Stella could drastically decrease amount of studying time and materials students have to cope with as the service also creates a checklist notebook that analyzes wrong answers whilst also examining the user’s level of understanding of the subject.

Bon Joon Goo, chief engineer for the development of the AI services, said “Students often encounter same sort of problem or content that the student already has sufficient knowledge of when they study multiple books, and Stella could definitely increase studying efficiency as it eliminates such repetitive problems or contents”. He added, “As Stella becomes more exposed to data of other students, through its deep-learning algorithm, users will be able to experience a more comprehensive and accurate service”. 

Sung Hyuk Yoon, the CEO of ST Unitas, stated “With the help of continuous research and development, we will make Stella take the lead in AI for the education industry. Our mission as a company is to provide equal educational opportunities around the world, and use AI to help build a world where anyone can achieve their dreams through education more effectively”.  
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