Global Fashion App ‘Exclucive’ Coming Soon


Every year, the world teems with a variety of limited editions and collaborations by high-fashion brands. Last year’s opening of Supreme x Louis Vuitton’s pop-up store in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, attracted hundreds of customers—thanks to their efforts in keeping up with the latest updates from various web communities.

To save these fashionistas much time and trouble, fashion tech startup ‘Future Works’ (CEO: Joon-hwan Moon) will soon be releasing ‘Exclucive,’ an iOS app that curates information about various fashion brands and their new products.

Exclucive, in particular, provides the latest news and information about limited editions and collaborations in the fashion world: users can follow certain brands to check the date and location of their recently released products and share the information on social media.

“We hope the app would provide customers with better access to the works of various brands to enhance their fashion experiences,” CEO Moon said.

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